polyester satin ribbons small dyeing machine

Item No:KW-888

Size:5900MM * 800MM *2400MM

this is a high speed  single end satin ribbons ,elastic tapes sample continuous dyeing & finishing machine.

high efficiency
energy saving
our patent

1)Application: The dyeing machine is especially used for satin ribbons, nylon elastic tapes with width of below 25mm sample making or small production

2)Production capacity:1pcs/time,0-30meter/min/pcs.

Heat System electrical  |steam
Working Width(mm) |400 600
Thermofixation Chamber Tape Content(m) 45|60 45|60
Maximun Speed(m) 15|25 25
Maximun Number(m) 1 1
Control System Manual    |

Processes:Feed in→dyeing padder→colore fixation chamber→washing tank→Chemical padder→Drying & finishing unit→take off



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