European Standrd nylon elastic tapes continuous dyeing and finishing machine

Item No:KW-807-SJ400-A

Size:15000mm *2400mm * 1000mm

This is an updated newest elasitc tapes continuous dyeing machine with PLC and J-Box. our patents. it’s the best seller in 2013

This is updated newest elastic tapes continuous dyeing machine

1)With J-box

2)with PLC

3)our patents.

4)it’s the best seller in 2013 .

5)laid out a new system of tension automatic control

Application: The dyeing machine is especially used for dyeing nylon elastic

tapes( elastic bands,elastic shoulder tapes,and so on )into any colore

and   polyester elastic tapes into light colore

Heat System

electrical │steam

Working Width(mm)


Thermofixation Chamber Tape Content(m)

45│60 │80│90

Maximun Speed(m)

15│20 │30 

Maximun Number(m)

4│8  │12

Control system Manual │PLC
Option:  J-BOX  │ Feed in device with individual tapes tension control


Processes: J-BOX->Feed in -> dyeing padder ->Steam chamber-> washing tank -> Pre-dryer-> chemical padder -> drying & finishng unit-> take off.
Options:manual control、PLC(touch screen) control、feed in device with individual tapes tension control.

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